In present situation the student gets to know about the info through whats app messages or through the very old way that is by notice, which very inefficient way to send information because many of them by any chance if miss that info then they suffer in the end.This takes us to next problem that if there is competition in the college the reach to many students is very difficult .These problem must be taken into the account as it is the high time.The current system runs on paper


This system is to allow better viewing of information.Management will no longer need to go through papers of work and documentation
As there is no previous College Community management system so it will make acadmics more attractive and appealing and also will motivate other students to do something different and productive.
There is a thin line of difference between knowledge and practicality. Knowledge is something that we gather from outside but it has no use until you practically use that piece of information, here we all will get to learn more and good.
We will also have meetings in this community for the discussing of the new posts and posts that are important in the terms of research and development, it will also help students to develop the different mind set for upcoming technology
Here one of the best part is that students will also learn the art of communication which will for sure help them in future.
This web-based system will be able to present viewers all related information about research paper and new discoveries also
There would be two main users to the system. One is the user or the blogger of the system and another is the viewer of the blog.
Viewers will have an easy accessibility to all information of the technology and also a few other activities regarding the update of technology.
In this document, the architecture, working, flow, and steps of the process of building the website have been discussed. Also, the future possible ventures are talked upon. Requirement analysis and SRS is also included, along with test cases. The aim is to provide a better understanding of the website, its working, and the implementation.
Here the student can surf the website but he can get the access to our special feed only after signing up to website and then taking the subscription of the month from the given credit points and the rest of the points can be accessed afterwards
The a management and business administration cores focus on developing the knowledge and cultivating the expertise essential to managing successful organizations. Students develop technical and professional skills necessary to have life-long careers in show business.